Semarang, Central of Java

With its harbor known since the Dutch era, Semarang is an ideal city as a gateway to other cities in Central Java. Various activities occur at the port of loading and unloading of Tanjung Emas, Semarang and then transported to other cities. Not surprisingly then, Semarang, better known as the Transit City than the City Tour. Whereas Semarang save so much that you can enjoy the uniqueness and tour objects that can be visited. As the capital city of Central Java, Semarang is a center of industry, commerce and government agencies that regulate 34 other cities and counties. Then it is sure that the city has a range of facilities to better and more complete than any other city of Central Java. With the unique geological forms are rarely found in other cities, Semarang as divided into two regions based on climates, heat and cool. The climate is hot because the city are coastal area which is lowland. On the other hand the city is a cool climate because most of the city of Semarang on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. Semarang is known as the industrial and business city. But that does not mean Semarang has no interesting places to be visited.

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Simpang Lima

One of the places in Semarang is the Simpang Lima. This place is a plaza located in the middle of Pandanaran crossroads in the west, the street A. Yani on the east side, roads and streets Gadjahmada Heroes in the east, while the northeast side there is a way of KH. Ahmad Dahlan. Expanding functions into square Simpanglima is a suggestion of first President the Republic of Indonesia which suggests the procurement of the square in replacement of Kanjengan Semarang. Plaza which owned by Semarang since the reign of the first Duke had been altered to become a shopping center. Serves as a place of ceremony, Simpanglima also become the venue for performances, places of recreation, even as sudden market at certain times. Various types of foods, either heavy or light snack foods sold under lesehan style which taking place around the sidewalk and around the square. Meanwhile, souvenirs, school equipment to household appliances, sandals to hair ornaments, also sold in here. Bravo Semarang

Tugu Muda

A candle-shaped monument stands amidst Sutomo crossroads, Pandanaran road, Soegiyopranoto and Imam Bonjol road . This monument was built as a monument to commemorate the heroism of Semarang fighters against the Japanese invaders, known as the battle for five days in the city of Semarang, from the date of October 14 to 19, 1945. The first stone was laid by Central Java Governor Budiyono and inaugurated by the first President Soekarno on May 20, 1953. Candles shaped with meaning unflagging zeal for defending the freedom fighters. At the foot of the monument there is a relief depicting the suffering people of Indonesia during the Japanese colonial era, such as Hongeroedem reliefs, reliefs of battle, attack relief and relief of victims of memories.

Pantai Marina

Marina beach Is a recreational park. The beach is equipped with swimming pools, water sky, speed boat, and playground for children. Open daily during 24 hour. In Marina beach we can play a jet sky, surfing, boating or just relaxing while enjoying the beauty of the beach to rest and the sound of waves. In the morning, the area is very suitable for jogging exercise.

Maritime Tourism 2015


Day 1 - Saturday
Participants will be picked up from semarang city by travel car at the time based on the ship schedule to depart, so it will arrive at the harbor Kartini Jepara at.10.00 a.m. to check in and welcome to aboard. The trip is going  to aboard  EXPRESS BAHARI / EXPRESS CANTIKA  and arrive at Karimunjawa by 12.00 p.m. Then we going to check in hotel preceded by lunch. After a lunch participants will be snorkling at Cemara Besar Island and enjoy the sunset at the beach Ujung Gelam.  At 19.00 is dinner time at the inn, continued to walk toward the center of the souvenirs at Karimunjawa. Back to the lodging for break.
Day 2 - Sunday
Breakfast at the inn until 07.00, then the participants will be snorkling at Menjangan Kecil Island, and proceed to go to see the shark in Menjangan Besar Island. Here, this allowed to to test the guts to swim with white shark fins black. At 12.00 pm is the lunch time at the inn, check out and participants have to be at Karimunjawa harbor at 13.30 to return to Jepara by fast express Bahari / express Cantika less than 2 ( two ) hours away. Arriving at jepara at .16.00. Participants will be waiting for the travel to Semarang city at 17.30 pm. Arrive at semarang about 20.00. The tour Jepara Karimunjawa of one night over two days is finished. See you for next trip. Thank you

Pricelist by Hotel (Rupiah)

Type of Package
Price per pax
Name of Hotel
6P or More
Hotel AC : Omah Alchy Cottages
1,185,000 contact us
Hotel AC : Nirwana Laut
1,285,000 contact us
Homestay/Guest House
contact us contact us
Note: in order to smooth the tour program, events and schedule subject to change without notice

The price includes:
A travel ticket ( AC ) Semarang-Jepara return
A ticket ship Semarang-Karimunjawa executive class return
Pass the port in Semarang and Karimunjawa
Accommodation 1 night at the appropriate option hotel
Transports at Karimunjawa
A buffet ( four times )
Mineral water during trip
Rental ship for two days.
Charge fee into islands in Karimunjawa
Admission ticket & swim in the shark pool
Guide local for group or one guide for 8 people
Admission tickets for object tourism in Karimunjawa
Donations to Indonesia green peace
A documentary photographs underwater in DVD per group

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