Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are the most beautiful of the tourist area in West Lombok beside Senggigi. People call this "Triple Gili". These tourism region are not only attractive for local tourist, it is also for international tourist. Both Senggigi and Triple Gili are two of the tourist interest places among the beach tourism in West Lombok. The number of tourists visiting the three Gili is annually increasing.

vacation packages at the "Triple Gili"

vacation packages vacation packages vacation packages vacation packages

Usually tourists who visit these three Gili are not only enjoy the beauty of natural views such as the beach sand, they come in purpose to do diving. They want to feel the beauty of variety undersea living things such as seabed, coral and ornamental fish . For people who have diving skill, they can directly rent diving tools. Its cost is cheap only USD 30 – 35 or about 280 ribu rupiah. While people are at the beginning level to dive they can take short course for only four days. BLUE MARLIN is well known for the short course. Compare to Gili Air or Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan is the most crowded visitor. It is even compared to Senggigi. Gili Trawangan is crowded on JUNE, AUGUST until SEPTEMBER and usually hotels are full booked by international tourists. Tour travel operator at the bottom sea view

The other side which not less interesting is to see sharks. You can see it in the North area of Gili Trawangan. You can see the sharks that are not harmful. This shark house can be seen at a depth of 80 feet. It is here, they usually in the occupancy by about 8 tail shark sleeping. In the east of Gili Trawangan, there are flower gardens reef. This area is a coral garden full of flowers with different types of reef. Its form is like a funnel. Although the mainland or the island is around 350Ha, the land  save the landscape stunning beautiful sea. There is live blue coral and colorful of ornamental fish which captivate. Unfortunately, these coral reefs was much damaged by a bomb of fishermen. In addition to sponge, the region has diverse ornamental fish. One of them is a napoleon fish. This type of fish can be encountered in May and June. They are loved by Japanese tourists. In addition, there are grouper, turtles, manta (pari), and many more fish species in this area. Reefs of this type according to marine experts, only in two places, in the Caribbean (USA) and in West Lombok. This asset is a decoy for the tourists, so they could not get tired of diving hours and hours. Lovely scenery is amazing, so that not a few tourists who express it as a piece of heaven in the east of Bali.

To visit 'Triple Gili' , tourist have to across the sea approximately 25 minute using speedboat from Bangsal hourbor. The cost of these transportation is relatively cheap and negotiable. The cost is cheaper if the trip is with a group rather than individual (group Rp. 180 ribu and individual Rp. 15 ribu/one trip).

In another moment, if you desire to tour along the coast of Gili Trawangan, you can ride a traditional transportation Cidomo (wagon) or rent a bicycle. Do not attempt to try to find motorcycle, taxi or car, you are not going to find it. For transportation of this type of machine has been prohibited, it was signed in rules which is also managed by the people. The reason is to clean environment from pollution, a result of vehicle engines. Another reason, by using Cidomo, you can freely view natural scenery, see the coconut plantation owned by the residents, and see the cows were eating grass. The situations like these that make tourists feel enjoyful because far from the city noise.

In addition, if you want to spend the night in one of the dike, you do not need to worry because there are available lodging facilities. The presence of your visit "triple dike" will fulfill your purpose in watching charm fantastic underwater.

Lombok Tour 3D2N

Day 1:  you will pick up at airport and directly conducted in nature tour, which is located at Kuta beach in Center of Lombok around 12 km from airport. It ' s a remarkably beautiful white sand beach. It is like white pepper. Then you will go to Sasak tour.  First location to be visited is the Sade village. One of the traditional Sasak village in Lombok. The population of this village is still uphold the customs of Sasak tribe. The population still lives in the house the customary of Sasak. For cooking, they still use traditional cooking tool. In this village, you can buy handycraft goods of Sasak such as songket, as of a tribe woven fabrics, wire rod, rattan craft, an ornament or key chain made from the horn of buffalo, besides you can also take pictures at this village. Having satisfied around the village you will be having lunch at a local restaurant in lombok and will be continued to Mataram. To unforget the trip at night in Mataram there will be served dinner special Lombok food 'Ayam Taliwang'. The trip will be ended  and take a rest in Hotel.

Day 2:  After breakfast at your hotel, you will be going for natural trip in Lombok. The aim of the trip is the trip to Gili trawangan. Gili trawangan is one of the free pollution sites and presenting the natural and the sea bottom view beautifully. On this island you can do so much like swimming, snorkling, diving, riding bicycle around the island, or riding cidomo ( traditio nal public tranportation), tour for 3 gili by glassbottom boat ( all these activities using your own expense ). Lunch will served at local restaurants. Having satisfied the day in gili trawangan you ' re going back to Mataram. The trip will be passed through the Pusuk village ( based on situation and condition at that time ). At this time you can take picture with a green beautiful scenery at the background. Besides Pusuk village you can pass through the other way which is passing through Malimbu beach and Senggigi. The view is amazing and nice to take picture. Dinner time will sered at Mataram before going back to Hotel.
Day 3: After you breakfast and checking out of hotel. The tour will take you to the craft shop in Cakra. There are many typical lombok goods made by the villagers for souvenir. Having satisfied shopping, you will have to eat lunch in the local restaurant in Mataram. Then you shall drive towards the airport. We will see you next trip. Thank you

Lombok Tour Expense in Rupiah

Hotel Per pax (min.4 pax)Per pax (min.3 pax)Per pax (min.2 pax)
Fortune **1,550,000 contact uscontact us
Graha Senggigi ***1,830,000contact uscontact us
Jayakarta ****1,990,000contact us contact us
Notice: the tour expense can be changed at any moment without advance notice until the bookings have been done.

The expenses include :

Accommodation  for 2 nights
 Transportation with Avanza, Suzuki Ertiga or Innova
 Expense for Bangsal-Gili-Bangsal (public boat)
 Driver plus tour guide
 Food & Drink along the tour
 Pickup at Airport-Hotel-Airport
 Tips for driver

Lombok Tour 4D3N or customized tour is available. contact us for more info.



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