Jakarta Into Modern Age

Jakarta : located in the north coast of west Java and it is the main gate to the beautiful archipelago, Indonesia. Our vacation packages to this enormous city has long history. Jakarta offers old heritages or historical places, traditional activities up to modern recreations and shopping malls for travelers.  

Back to June 22, 1527 when it was named Jayakarta by Fatahillah of Sultanate of Cirebon, West Java. The name of Jayakarta means City of Great Victory and then changed into Batavia during Dutch accoupation periode in 1619. Shortly after the outbreak of world war II, Batavia fell into the hands of the invading Japanese forces that changed the name of the city into ‘ Jakarta’ as a gesture aimed at winning the sympathy of the Indonesians. The name was retained after Indonesia independence day, August 17, 1945.

Tour in Jakarta (Monas : National Monument)

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Jakarta has been preserved its past architecture building and culture by government. Jakarta’s architecture reflects the history of dutch influences such as seaport city, Sunda Kelapa (original name) International port recognized by Portuguese in the past time.  The taman Fatahillah Restoration Project, begun in the early 1970’s, has been restored as one of the oldest sections of Jakarta, known as Old Batavia or Kota.  An old Portuguese Church and warehouse have been rehabilitated into living museums. The old Supreme Court building is now a museum of fine arts, which also houses part of the excellent Chinese porcelain collection of former Vice President Adam Malik. The old Town Hall has become the Jakarta Museum, displaying such rare items as Indonesia's old historical documents and Dutch period furniture. Its tower clock was once returned to England to be repaired under its lifetime guarantee, which up to now has already lasted hundreds of years.

Tour in Jakarta (historical places)

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Not less 9 million people live in Jakarta representing nearly all the ethnic groups in the archipelago. The major groups are Sundanese, Javanese, Chinese, and the native community: Orang Betawi (people of Betawi). The other large groups are the Minangkabau people, the Bataks, the Manadonase, and the other people from Sulawesi and the Ambonase. Orang Betawi emerged in the 19th century from a melting pot of races, ethnic groups and cultures. They have their own culture distinct from other ethnics' cultures. In 1923 they founded an organization called Kaum Betawi, which was in fact a statement about the existence of the Betawi ethnic group.

To see further of what and how those Betawi art forms are, you can join our vacation packages, Jakarta pavilion at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park) which has long been showing Betawi ceremonies such as the Betawi wedding ceremony, the circumcision procession, the baby head - shaving ceremony etc. Today the Betawi culture has a distinct personality of its own, but one can discern the various influences of other cultures by looking or listening to its art form.

Tour Event at Betawi culture

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Today, Jakarta has proudly developed into one of Asia's most prominent metropolitan centers. Skyline is covered by modern high rises. The many state-of-the-art shopping centers, recreation complexes and toll-roads have become hallmarks of the city. The quality of life and the general welfare of its inhabitants have improved considerably with the city's fast pace of development. Jakarta's cultural richness and dynamic growth contribute significantly to its growing importance as one of the world's leading capital cities.

Maritime Tourism 2015

Maritime tourism in thousand islands (Jakarta area) has become the tourist attraction for undersea view through diving or snorkeling, and it is recommended to see around the island which is comprising small islands with its own uniqueness

Pramuka Island Harapan IslandPari IslandTidung Island

Pramuka island  is developed into a tourism area in recent years because natural beauty  and friendliness of  the people in the island which is still being spring water of blue sea, beautiful cliffs and white desert island. There were breeding turtles scales and tourists can touch them. The main points of the island is a chain coral reefs scattered around and it's also the colorful coral reef beautifully seen, so it more amazing view to see ornamental fish swimming on the reefs.

Package Tour 

Day 1

 06:00 : Gather at Muara Angke near gas station
07:00 : Go to Pramuka island
09:30 : Check in for homestay or Lodging House, Lunch, break for free time
13:00 : Snorkeling + Visiting to other islands
17:30 : Hunting for sunset
18:30 : Dinner and free times
20:30 : BBQ time dan free times
23:00 : break

Day 2

05:00 : Hunting for sunrise
07:00 : Breakfast
09:00 : Visiting  for turtle breeding 
10:30 : Come back for ready to go home
11:00 : Free time for souvenir
11:30 : Go back to Muara Angke 

Facilities :
<> Ferry ship Muara Angke to  Pramuka island  (return) <> Insurance <> Lodging House/Homestay (AC) 1 night <> Buffet for 3x at the island <> snorkeling equipment  <> free camera underwater (do not foret to bring flasdisk for copy  of your photo <>  snorkeling ship only for your group <> tour guide <> BBQ <> visiting to shark/turtle breeding <> free mineral water

 Expense Tour Per Pax
HotelRate/pax  in Rupiah
for 4 pax for 5 pax  or more
 Homestay 500,000450,000 or contact us
Lodging House600,000500,000 or contact us

For Harapan island, Pari island, and Tidung island tour package contact us for more information

Harapan island
is very charming and pledging for adventure and fun of the sea bottom view. The white sands will greet you and through snorkeling it will indulge your eyes with the awesome scenery of undersea. You will also enjoy to visit the captivity of turtles in kelapa island. 

Pari island is called such as a name of fish because it forms similar to pari when viewed from aerial photography. It's so lovely there is called sand virgin beach right here. Pari island is also known for its success in cultivating seaweed and found many live reef corals such as a soft and brain corals, labirith corals, fern of the sea and others. The distance to reach pari island may take from two points of departure, firstly from muara saban cituis (Tangerang) for 1,5 hours, secondly angke harbor of approximately 2 hours by boat.

Tidung island can be seen from a large tidung and small tidung island which is being connected by a long bridge  called loving bridge by local residents. The distance is less than 3 hours from muara angke ( jakarta ) with the passengers boat. It is also excellent for diving and snorkeling, so visitors can enjoy beautiful underwater view fully and other water sport such as banana boat, jetski, canoe, donut boat, and others.



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