Primaglobaltur is a legal corporation with licence approved from Department of tour and travel in Indonesia. The corporation focus on the industry of tour and travel. At the beginning of operation, we reserved airline ticket for a private contructor company and continued to another contructor company at the short times. We' ve been given a trust to handle airline tickets and hotel reservation. Meanwhile, we also have opened services for public and any other types of organizations. We' ve have committed to serve accessible, comfort, trust, informative online . Therefore, we are able to reach by phone, SMS, email, YM, BB Messanger or Whatapp.  Any other types of media communication can possible be opened. 

For information :  Phone : +62-21 8591-7312, 8591-1469
E-mail :;;
YM :  or
BBM : pin 28320A28
Whatapps : 0813-80-636467


A.  Ticket
Domestic : Garuda, Citilink, Sriwijaya, Lion, Air Asia and Mandala
International : All international airlines by Amadeus Systems

B.  Hotel
National : see ' List of Hotels ' on the menu
International : see ' List of Hotels ' on the menu


C. Tour  Package
Car Rental (++ Driver)

Tour Sites and events 
  • AKTE  PENDIRIAN :  01.  Perubahan (02/05/2012)
  • NPWP :  02.508.746.1-002.000
  • TDP :
  • ITUP BPW :  2730/2011

Our management are continued to serve professionally. We always prioritize customers to be satisfied for comfort, informative and accessible. Our team is import ant to be ready for our customers in service and helpful in any complaints concerning our products. Any critics for  improvement can be directed to 0813-80-63
64-67 or email :


There are any possibilities to develop and add on our product. Customers are very important for us.Their needs will be paid attention and always be resolved for solution. There are always be solutions behind any matters



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