Bandung - West of Java

There are several tourist points of attraction to have great vacation deal in Bandung. Among them is the White Crater and Situ Patengan (people often call Situ Patenggang). Due to the distance, it is far enough from the city of Bandung (about 2.5 hours).
Vacation packages : natural view of Bandung
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White Crater
This place is located in the area Ciwidey. The scenery is beautiful, it's cold. On top of the mountain, there are white sand, and there is a green lake at the center, a scene that quite a contrast. This beautiful place reportedly discovered by a Dutchman named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuh. He did not believe the stories of people telling about the mountain area Patuha the armature because of the residence jinn and spirits. So that no animals through even birds flying across and it can die. It was found out of the lake, in which there were bursts of sulfur, so the animals do not like the smell of it. Near the entrance there are some saung, so we can rest with the relaxed atmosphere. Admission price is quite cheap, Rp 3500 / person, plus Rp 3,000 for the car.

From the White crater, we can continue your journey to Patengan Situ. This park is more crowded than the White crater. This spacious park is 17 ha, while the lake area is 48 ha. In the middle of the lake there is a small island called the island of Asmara (for a heart-shaped). Patengan, derived from Sundanese language, "Pateangan-teangan" which means looking at each other. Narrated once a pair of lovebirds and the goddess Ki Rengganis Santang who love each other. They were separated so long, and looking for each other. Eventually they met at a place called Stone Love. Goddess Rengganis also asked for the lake and a boat to sail together. This boat until now becomes a heart-shaped island (island Asmara / Sasaka island).

Bandung Zoo
It is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Bandung. This tourism object is always visited by various regions on the weekends, especially during school holidays. The zoo is located in Bandung Castle Road, just adjacent to the ITB campus. To get into these attractions, visitors pay entrance fee Rp 11.000, - except for children younger than 3 years. Bandung zoo accommodates a variety of rare animals. Bandung Zoo (Zoology museum) has facilities such as playgrounds for the kids and performance art conveniently located in Taman Sari, near the campus of ITB.

Strawberry picking tour
It is a leading agro products from Bandung regency, especially in areas Ciwidey. In this area there are many traditional strawberry garden with professional management. You are free to choose a garden which you love and pick it up by yourself right away.

Malabar tea plantation.
Mount Malabar has natural charms of tea plantations with natural cool air, it is suitable for sports activities on foot / tea walk, turning into recreation. In the midst of plantations there several kinds of ancient buildings are still preserved, such as guest houses, housing estates administrator in the colonial period up to the tomb KAR Bosscha. Malabar tea plantation was established by K.A.R. Bosscha, A brilliant man who had dedication, integration and a strong personality. He came to Indonesia in 1887 and successfully manage and develop the Malabar tea plantation - PANGALENGAN in the year 1896-1928 known also by the contribution and role of his works include: Technische Hogeschool (ITB), Societeit Concordia (Gedung Merdeka), Bosscha Observatory (telescope - it has the largest lens in the world at that time: 1923-1926)

Hot Water Bathing Cibolang
Daily tourism activities that can be done in this area is a picnic area such as hot showers, swimming, ngagogo, fishing, tracking the crater Bird and others.Cibolang Hot Spring is one tourist attraction in PANGALENGAN Malabar tea plantation. Hot water sourced from Mount Windu which has a high iodine content that can cure rheumatism. In addition, unspoilt landscape is the main attraction. We'll get a carpet of green tea and clean air and cool, also can enjoy the crater of Mount Windu with a distance of 600 m from the location.

Bandung Tour 3D2N

Day 1 : Arrival in Bandung - City Tour Bandung - Cibaduyut - Chek in Hotel

Our team will pick you up and welcome you at airport Husein Sastranegara Bandung. Then we cheer our city tour up to Gedung Sate, Afrika street (Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika),  Braga street, and Museum Geologi. We stop by having lunch at local restoran (regional food). Next, the trip will continue for shopping at the center of shoes made, handmade of bag, belt and wallet or purse, at the area of Cibaduyut. After that, at the dinner time we eat at local restaurant before checking-in hotel for free program.

Day 2 : Lembang Tour - Cihampelas and Factory Outlet at Riau Area
After breakfast at hotel, our trip will take you to Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. It is very cool area and amazing view. You can see and enjoy the beautiful of exotic crater while taking a picture at the bottom of the mountain.  We are going on to the place for enjoying natural warm water of the mountain Sari Ater. Many people believe it to fresh all body. Then we eat lunch at local restaurant special regional food. We're not forgetting to visit Factory Outlet which is shopping area such as area at Cihampelas and Factory Outlet at Riau Area : Heritage, The Summit, Cascade, Stamp, The Oasis, Terminal Tas, and much more after lunch. All souvenirs are mostly made of Bandung and other local area. Dinner timer at local restaurant and then we're going back to hotel for free program.

Day 3 : Chek out Hotel - Trans Studio Bandung - See you next trip
The last day you still have breakfast at the hotel, and then you are checking out from hotel. The last trip you are inviting to have fun at Trans Studio Bandung. There you can enjoy any type of game such as : Yamaha Speed Coaster, Trans Racing Car, Giant Swing, Vertigo, Another World, Science Center, etc. Lunch will be at the area  of Trans Studio Bandung (lunch mega cash). At the evening we take you to Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung or Stasiun Bandung after stopping by having  special snack from culinary Bandung at Iteung dan Prima Rasa. Thank you for having enjoy and fun with us and see you next trip

Rate per pax (min. 2 pax)
Amaris Hotel /others **1,800,000contact us
Vio Hotel /others ***2,100,000contact us
Jayakarta/others ****2,400,000contact us

Tour expense include : 

  1. Transportation by Elf 
  2. Accommodation 2 night at Hotel of your choice
  3. Admission Ticket along the tour
  4. Local guide 
  5. Toll & Parking
  6. Eat and drink (Lunch and Dinner)
  7. Refreshment (mineral water & candy)
Customized tour is available. Please contact us for more info.


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